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My Husband's Story

My Husband told me a story the other day about some kindness that happened to him. He was taking a young lady to the Space Needle (a very expensive restruant in the Space Needle in Seattle) when he was just out of Marine Corps boot camp (probably 19 years old) in lieu of going to her high school prom a she had been unable to attend. He was dressed in his Dress Blues because he had nothing else to wear and as he and his lady friend were standing waiting for the elevator to go up to the top an older Marine, a master gunnery sargent (an almost inattainable rank for enlisted I'm told) came up to him, said "Those are some fine looking Blues, Marine" and handed him something while shaking his hand. My husband tried to tell the man that he couldn't take anything from him and the gentleman said "Marine, you will take that!" and they went their ways. After being seated my husband looked at what the man had given him and it was a $100 bill. Dinner totaled $120.

Interestingly, just prior to this on the drive there my husband had stopped to get some cash and the AMT ate his debit card. He'd had to borrow some cash from his dad to pay for dinner. It just makes you wonder what that $100 would have been to that Marine.. a tip? A bottle of wine? It was the whole evening for these two young folk. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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